Rent your land

Upgrade your land!

Green Ventures designs solar farms  to create additional benefits to the landowners : either  dual-land use by combining farming with solar farms, or improving the income of your land by turning low grade land into a profitable solar plant.  

Are you a landowner and do you have suitable land for a solar farm?

We are looking for a land area from minimum 10 hectares. It is preferably a  relative flat piece of land. Visual impact is a consideration, therefore ideally the area should not be immediately adjacent to a densely populated area or a historical monument. Neither should it be located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  

We look to enter into a long term lease agreement which usually lasts for 20 to25 years. Rental payments are made once the lease agreement has been signed.

No costs for the landowner

Green Ventures will undertake the full development process from preparing the planning application, over design & engineering to construction of and energizing the plant. The full development process is funded by us.