Our experienced team deals with:

  • Originating & reviewing solar installation and sites
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and approvals
  • Arranging and managing EPC contractors
  • Conducting the internal due diligence process
  • Managing the external due diligence process
  • Arranging construction and project finance
  • Advising on the optimal investment structure
  • Co-investing with the institutional investors
  • Incorporating risk management strategies
  • Completing the acquisition for the investor

  • Servaas Van Den Noortgate

     “Renewable energy has enormous growth opportunities. This was confirmed in a recent report by McKinsey. We now see great potential in the entire equatorial region. Thanks to strong economic development, energy demand in this ‘Sun Belt’ is increasing. Through technological changes and sharply declining prices, solar energy can compete with grey energy without government support and without having an impact on future generations. The potential is enormous!

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  • Gie Verbunt

    "We zijn in de hernieuwbare energie begonnen in 1987. Als ingenieur was ik gepassieneerd door de mogelijkheden van natuurlijke bronnen. Diepgaand technisch inzicht verwerven én doorgedreven kwalitatieve projecten realiseren, hebben bij mij altijd geprimeerd."

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  • Piet Defieuw

    "Green Ventures likes to push the limits for new and existing investments in renewable energy. It is fantastic to be involved in the versatility of development, building and management of these projects."

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