"We develop, facilitate and manage investments in renewable energie projects."

Who are we?

GreenVentures was founded by experts in the renewable energy sector. They are constantly driven by the technicality and the top quality of their projects. A unique basis that produces highly profitable projects.

The founders have been involved in the development and construction of over 150 MWe operational solar parks built in several European countries and in different climatic conditions.

What are we doing?

The core business of GreenVentures NV, is the development, financing and operation of "rooftop" and "utility scale" solar farms, across the European union, Africa and Latin America.

Our investors and their interests disserve our full attention :   GreenVentures focuses on creating maximum value for its investors, with a focus on an optimal risk /return ratio.

GreenVentures undertakes  the development of PV projects whereby the construction risk is managed through qualified,  bankable turnkey EPC partners.

GreenVentures creates investment opportunities in  operational solar parks (structured in separate legal entities),  delivering daily green energy and generating a stable income. Fundamentally, we are mainly looking to refinance grid-connected, turnkey projects, limiting the risk of our investor.

Project development

GreenVentures engages in the entire development process needed to create a shovel ready project: the acquisition of the ownership or tenancy rights, obtaining the necessary grid connections, planning permission and environmental permits, due diligence activities and contract negotiation, including PPA contracts.

When the project is ready for construction, an EPC and O & M contract will be signed with a professional EPC partner. They will take the entire construction and the associated risks, until grid connection  and the first energizing of the plant.

Arranging equity and debt financing

The equity financing of these turnkey projects is done through separate "Green Ventures funds", each fund has a separate focus: either geographically, by risk class and / or project specific.

Each project or fund is partly financed with bank financing provided by reputable banks, aiming for a maximum debt ratio of 70%. The financing terms are on a 7-10 years average.

Asset management

GreenVentures manages your plant completely, as if we own the plant. The PV plant is 24/7 monitored by our team, and the output of the various projects are pro-actively  compared to each other. Any performance variations are immediately addressed and when feasible,  the PV plants are optimized.

Through a professional reporting tool,  monthly reports are generated for the investors, and if desired, a permanent login to track projects can be provided to each investor.

Our asset management services includes in addition to monitoring and reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, the year-end closing, as well as supervising all legal provisions.

The operational management is outsourced to local partners who have the necessary skills and service parts. Green Ventures supervises and coordinates its operational partners and their interventions on a daily basis.

Our focus

GreenVentures focuses today on the countries in the so called  "Sunbelt area": these countries have a huge potential thanks to a very good solar irradiation in combination with an attractive electricity price. The objective is to develop long-term projects that are sustainable without subsidies, and thanks to their location are competitive with any form of fossil fuels.

We hereby aim for long term concessions and  PPAs (Power Purchase Agreement), energy sales agreements with local companies (mining, electricity companies, local authorities ...) whereby the commercial and political risks are covered by additional guarantees.

We also invest in the development of autonomous rural electricity networks.

Our track record

Green Ventures has developed to date successful projects in Romania, Belgium, UK and Chile. For a total of 150 MWe.